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Updated: Friday, December 15, 2017

What To Do When Your Home Isnt Selling

When sellers start the home-selling process, no one wants to think "What would happen if my home doesnt sell?" But before you panic, recognize that there are many things that you can do so you dont wind up in that position.

Tip 1: Understanding the real estate market and the value of your home will help you avoid this dilemma. The first key point is to get educated about the market. Read your newspapers, online real estate sites, and consult with the best experts in real estate for your area to determine the sales price.

While all that may seem basic, youd be surprised how many sellers >Tip 2: Fix up your home. Most buyers dont want to purchase a big list of must-do fixes in order to live in the home they just bought. Yet, some sellers think that its a waste to spend money on a home that theyre moving out of soon. Thats quite a predicament. Both sides have valid points except one side-buyers-might be in a stronger position. The seller wants out and if the home is a mess, many buyers will simply move on to the next best house.

Yet, if a buyer wants it badly enough, he/she might agree to purchase your home but its guaranteed youll take a financial hit as the buyer will want to discount the price for the problems that need fixing. In the end, you might have to fix the issues before the sale anyway. So, starting with a house that is in >Tip 3: If you need to sell your home, dont pull it off the market because you think the season isnt right. Buyers who need to buy a home will keep hunting through all the seasons. There may be some slow times but if people need a house, theyll keep looking even in the unlikely times.

Tip 4: Consider incentives. Yes, you can make your home more appealing by tossing in some incentives. Its best to speak with your REALTORreg; about which incentives are best for you to offer. Even practical incentives can help get buyers to your home to view it. These incentives can help encourage the buyer to move forward, especially if other challenges arise.

Tip 5: Stage your home. This is not the same thing as fixing up your home. Fixing up your home includes daily maintenance and repairs. Staging your home involves using experts to make your home showroom-readylike a model home. I know you might say that all your friends tell you that you have fantastic taste but, trust me, if youre serious about selling your home, then its worth at least having a consultation with an expert in the industry.

Heres why: They are trained to stay on top of the trends that have mass appeal. They also offer a fresh set of eyes on your home. They might easily point out something that you never saw before because youve been living in your home for a long time. They will look at your home from an outsiders perspective and thats exactly what you need.

Taking the time to, at least consult with experts, allows you to gain knowledge and information about your home and the market place. What you do with that is up to you, but it may just be the difference between a For Sale sign and a Sold sign hanging outside your home.
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How to Keep Your Mortgage Approval Approved

You know how tough it is to qualify for a mortgage.

Proof youve got a long-term job with ample income. A credit score to the moon. Your lifes savings as a down payment. More cash stashed away. A debt-to-income ratio to die for. For some, tax returns for the last two years.

Youve been there, done that. For weeks now. Maybe a month or more.

Youve fought the good fight, youve run the gauntlet of mortgage qualifications and you have your signature-tired hands on that coveted home loan approval.

Now, all you have to do is not blow it.

For goodness sake, dont make any surprise financial moves that could cost you your home loan.

Your mortgage approval is primarily based on documenting your income and assets, your equity stake or down payment, your credit and the cash youll have left over after the deal is done.

Once you have a mortgage approval, if you change the profile of any one of those qualifiers, you could have to kiss your mortgage goodbye.

Lenders today dont just check your qualifying information once or even twice. Three, four or more checks, of one document or another, arent out of the question in todays tight lending market.

Avoid big purchases - If you buy a new car, change the lease, or acquire another large possession, it could show up on your credit report or bank statement.

The lender could think youve gone beyond the risk the lender is willing to accept on your mortgage - especially if you qualified by a hair.

If the new loan or purchase amount upsets the debt-to-income ratio the lender used to approve your home loan, your mortgage could go "poof."

No new credit - Likewise, dont open new credit cards, even for a zero interest rate. Those credit card offers will come streaming in after you close your mortgage. Just wait. The lender didnt approve you based on the additional card or extra loan.

Pay your bills - Also, pay your bills on time, even if theres a dispute. Stop paying a bill and the blotch on your credit report can block your mortgage.

Keep your job - Be kind to your boss and dont get fired. Also, dont go looking for new work right now, unless its a second job to make more money.

Certain job changes also can affect how the lender rates your creditworthiness.

That includes a job change between industries, a job change to start a new company and changing from a job with a salary to a job that pays by commission.

On the other hand, get a promotion and a raise and you should be fine.

Dont cash out - Leave your stashes of cash alone. Dont transfer large sums of money between bank accounts. Dont make random, undocumented deposits to or withdrawals from your bank account.

Dont be stupid It should go without saying, but criminal activity, trying to buy a second home and trying to add a co-signer or name to the loan, after approval, could all also get your mortgage canned.

Remember, stuff happens. There are events beyond your control that could cost you your mortgage. A pink slip. A divorce. Hospitalization. The co-signer bails.

However, once your mortgage is approved, do keep tight reigns on what you can control.
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Why The Next Two Weeks May Be The Best Time To Buy New Construction All Year

If youre looking to buy a home and you would really like to get something in escrow before the end of the year, you might be facing a "slim pickins" situation. Inventory issues have plagued the market for several years, and despite a positive real estate outlook, the lack of homes has kept many buyers out of the game.

Thats one of the reasons home buyers have been choosing new U.S. homes. They jumped last month to the highest level since October 2007, ldquo;a sign that Americans mdash; unable to find existing homes mdash; are turning to new construction,rdquo; said USA Today. ldquo;New home sales leapt 18.9 in September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 667,000, the most in a decade. Sales rose in all regions including the South, where they increased nearly 26.rdquo;

Existing home inventory isnt expected to get better until at least the last half of 2018. So, if a brand new home is something youd consider, think about this: the next two weeks could be the best time to buy all year.

Builders are especially motivated to move their homes this time of year so they can get them off the books. Be sure to ask in the sales office about "featured" plans or homes, which may mean the builder is willing to work with buyers to get these particular homes sold. While that may not mean a discount on the price, builders will often throw in upgrades that make them more attractive.

"A lot of the national builders are publicly traded companies. They need to meet sales goals and answer to the shareholders of that company," said Inman. "For that reason, toward the end of a quarter, builders tend to be more aggressive with their incentives in order to meet these sales goals. The December holiday season is another great time to buy. Most of the country is out shopping and traveling to see family. Very few people shop for homes this time of the year. For that reason, tis the season to find some great incentives to purchase a new home."

Additional incentives

Many builders also offer thousands of dollars in incentives to buyers who choose to get their loan through the builders preferred lender. Those incentives mean "it actually may be less expensive to buy anbsp;new homenbsp;than a resale," Ron Sozio, builder client >

Those builder incentives can include closing costs and/or a buy-down of your interest rate, and can be as much as two or three percent of either the sales price or the loan amount - be sure to ask which one so you have a clear understanding of what youre paying.

Want more reasons to look at a new construction home? How about the fact that its brand new, never been lived in, and reflects your needs, taste, and >

If you are going to go look for new construction homes, make sure you bring your real estate agent to ensure you get the best deal. "Some buyers dont feel anbsp;real estate agentnbsp;is necessary whennbsp;building a new home. They think that because there is a sales agent on-site they dont need to bring in anyone else, right? Wrong," said The Goodhart Group.

"This mistake could cost you. That on-site person works for and represents the seller. A real estate agent will work on your behalf. A good one will know what questions to ask that can get you a sizable closing cost credit from the seller. Not to mention -- a seasoned agent will know how to negotiate the contract for upgrades and finishes that dont come standard with the home. Perhaps most important is the fact that you dont pay for the real estate agents service. "The builder pays YOUR agents commission so it costs you nothing to have someone represent you during the new construction process."

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How To Create Year-Round Home Curb Appeal

Exceptional curb appeal will add to the enjoyment and value of your property and home. Maintaining your curb appeal throughout each season may pose its challenges, but with these tips, you can ensure that your home and landscaping will look their very best throughout the year.

1 Clean It Up

A thorough power wash is essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your home, driveway and walkways. Many homeowners prefer to do this in the spring, but you might consider an additional wash in the fall as well. By keeping your landscape free of debris like broken branches and dead trees, you can better maintain the appearance of your property.

2 Planting for Seasonal Interest

Its helpful to plant with each season in mind to ensure that your landscape looks great year-round. Spring bulbs and flowering trees add visual interest to your landscape at the start of the growing season. A lush lawn and pots of colorful annuals can provide eye-catching appeal in the summer. Think about late summer perennials and deciduous trees or shrubs that boast spectacular fall colors. Evergreens are >3 Vertical Interest

To avoid flat looking landscaping, be sure to include vertical interest. Arches, even when bare during the winter season, will add visual interest to your front yard. Hanging plants, vines, climbing plants, t>4 Hardscaping

Plants arent the only method of achieving excellent curb appeal. Consider replacing a worn-out front walkway with elegant cobblestone or brick pavers. Replace mulch with stone or encircle trees and shrubs to achieve a more formal look for your property. Boulders can be strategically placed to draw the eye and provide further visual interest for your setting.

5 Tackle Problem Areas

If you have a slope thats difficult to mow or a sunken section of landscaping that always seems to flood, consider a solution. A low-maintenance, terraced garden is ideal for sloping sections of land that are difficult to mow. On the other hand, there are no-mow grasses that can replace a traditional lawn. Installing adequate drainage for low-lying areas of your landscape can help reduce the flooding that occurs during stormy seasons.

6 House Appeal

You can increase the year-round curb appeal of your home by maintaining its outward appearance. A pleasing door, elegant fixtures, contemporary railings, eye-catching shutters and stylized window boxes will go a long way to boost your curb appeal. For an additional wow factor, consider expanding your porch or replacing worn siding to improve the appearance of your home.


Great curb appeal begins with assessing your current setting. When you do install new features, its important to consider how they will appear during each season.

Andrea Davis is the editor for HomeAdvisor, which helps homeowners find home improvement professionals in their area at no charge to ensure the best service in the shortest amount of time.

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Using Your Homes quot;Deadquot; Equity

Question. Our house is free and clear. We have a 100,000 home equity line of credit, and the interest rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 percent. We itemize tax deductions and are in a high federal tax rate, and hoping that any new tax laws will reduce our taxes.

My question concerns using the home equity loan for investment. We are considering using 50,000 of the home equity line of credit and investing it in a growth stock for the next five years. Our accountant/tax advisor, however, is strongly in favor of having an unencumbered house especially as we are close to retirement.

Answer. It is my strong belief that homeowners -- of any age -- should make use of the equity they have gained from their real estate investments. As this column has suggested in the past, there are too many retired persons who are "house rich and cash poor." Hopefully, your house will appreciate in the future, and this appreciation will continue whether you have equity or not in the home. Thus, for all practical purposes, that equity is "dead equity."

There are, however, a number of parts to your question.

First, should you use the equity in your home for investment purposes? My answer is a qualified yes. Are you prepared to lose your investment if the stock market tumbles? Growth stocks may grow -- or they may not. If you are in any way concerned about risk, you should consider investing in government insured programs or tax free bonds. Of course, the higher rate of potential return will also carry a higher risk.

I am sure that readers will ask: why borrow money at 4 or 5 percent only to invest it in a security which has a 2 or 3 percent rate of return? Here, you have to do the numbers, and also look to your own future situation.

At first blush, it makes no sense to pay more interest than you are receiving from your investment -- especially if that investment has no or little growth capacity. But there is one important factor that must be considered, namely the liquidity of your investments. If you find at a later date that you need money for emergency purposes, if may be difficult -- if not impossible -- to tap into the equity of your home when you are retired and no longer employed. The investments you are considering -- whether stocks, mutual funds, or government securities -- do have immediate liquidity.

Second. If you decide to invest the equity in your home, what is the best route to take? You have indicated that your current home equity line of credit is around 7 percent. This seems rather high in todays market.

More importantly, most home equity loans fluctuate in rate; the rate of interest is pegged to some index -- such as "prime." If the prime rate rises or falls, so will the interest rate on your home equity loan.

Instead of using your home equity, you may want to consider refinancing your home, while interest rates are >How will you make the monthly mortgage payments when you are retired? If you do not have other sources of income -- such as a pension plan -- you still have the liquidity of your investments that should be able to carry you for a long period of time.

Additionally, if you decide to refinance your home, although the refinance funds will pay off your home equity loan, nevertheless, you definitely should keep the home equity loan available. As you know, a home equity loan is a line of credit; you only pay interest on the amount of the money you have actually borrowed. If you obtain a refinance mortgage, make sure that you can also keep the existing or obtain a new home equity loan. There are some logistical legal issues that your attorney can handle to make these arrangements.

Third. You must understand the tax implications of borrowing on your home equity. Interest deductions for tax purposes are based, in part, on what the IRS calls "acquisition indebtedness." In your case, this indebtedness is zero, since your house is free and clear. You will only be entitled to deduct interest on the first 100,000 that you borrow -- whether this money comes from a new first mortgage or a home equity loan. And this may all change if Congress enacts a new tax code.

These are difficult -- and clearly personal -- decisions that everyone must consider. Talk to your tax advisors, and "crunch the numbers."
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Ask the HOA Expert: Repercussions When A Board Throws Out A Member Decision

Question: What are the possible repercussions when a board throws out a member decision voted on at the Annual Meeting?

Answer: If member approval is required to do what you describe, the board must follow the dictates of the vote. If the vote was advisory only, the board could go a different direction but that clearly would invite well deserved challenge from the member majority who expressed their preference. Smart boards would not do such a thing.

Question: Our HOA is half sold and is being managed by the developer who charges us for it. The outside maintenance is terrible. The sprinkler system doesnt work and weeds were out of control. Thoughts?

Answer: You need to review your governing documents to see if there is a deadline for the developer to turnover the HOA to a board of owners. There usually is a trigger based on number of units sold or a certain time that has passed, whichever comes first. If there is, you and other owners can demand turnover to the owners. Get an attorney to make the point if necessary. Once an owner board is in place, it can act on behalf of all owners.

If the developer is not yet required to turn over control, you are certainly within your rights to point out the developers management shortcomings. Youre paying for the service and failure to maintain the common area diminishes your property value.

Question: We have an upcoming election for directors and two of the candidates are not full time residents. They are from a troublemaker group and plan to participate in board meetings only by phone. Is there anything that the present board can do to prevent this from happening?

Answer: Candidates for the board are not required to be residents. And if all board meetings are handled by phone, no big deal. But if they are saying they wont attend in-person meetings, this is a big deal and such information needs to be conveyed to the voters. As to what you can do about it... You can encourage and nominate others that are willing to fulfill the board job as intended. If the dissidents dont get voted in to begin with, the rest of the board wont have the challenges of dealing with them.

Question: We are nearing completion of our HOA website and getting ready to launch. The board intends to use email for meeting notices, dues notices and event reminders. Right now our governing documents state notices must be sent by US Mail. Is this going to pose a big issue? Also, should we get each members written consent to communicate via email?

Answer: Since a high percentage of citizens now regularly use email and its free, fast and efficient, many HOAs are now communicating that way. However, since your governing documents require use of mail, the members need to vote to approve a change. I suggest holding a special meeting including distribution of proxies to ensure a quorum to handle this issue as soon as possible.

Yes, you should get written approval from each member to use email. Some dont have computers or ra>For more innovative homeowner association management strategies, see www.Regenesis.net
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REALTOR Analysis Of Tax Bill Is Worth Examining

It is no secret that the National, State, and Local Realtorreg; associations are strongly opposed to certain provisions in both the House and Senate versions of the current tax reform bills. The REALTORreg; concerns range from worry that changes to the present capital gain exclusion will result in a further decrease to for-sale inventory, to concern that proposals regarding mortgage interest and property-tax deductibility are liable to decrease home ownership rates and to drastically depress property values.

It is not my intention here to repeat those arguments or to analyze their validity. There simply isnt enough room for that. Rather, I would like to encourage readers to examine on their own some of the Realtorreg; organizations central arguments and, importantly, the facts and figures that undergird them.

Credit where its due: the National Association of REALTORSreg; NAR has devoted a great deal of effort to collect and present the data on which its conclusions are based. Moreover, they are presented in a manner that is both accessible and >

Interested persons can examine the REALTORreg; analyses at the NAR website. They are available on the public pages; you dont have to be a member to access them.

Many commentators have observed that the real-estate >

Even looking at state-by-state impacts paints with too broad a brush, so the analysis is also carried out at the level of congressional districts. Hence, for Californias 49th District -- on the coast -- the projected typical loss of home value is approximately 58,000; whereas, in the less expensive inland area, Californias District 23 would be expected to see an average loss of just over 20,000.

Of course, the arguments arent just over home values. There are also discussions of ancillary economic activity generated by home sales, as well as the more intangible values that home ownership brings to neighborhoods.

Interested in the Realtorreg; analysis of possible impacts from the current tax proposals? Read about it Here. Think about it. And let your representatives know what you think, whichever side youre on.

Bob Hunt is a director of the California Association of Realtorsreg;. He is the author of Real Estate the Ethical Way. His email address is .

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Why Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Still Flocking To Canada

Despite taxes on foreign real estate buyers in the Vancouver and Toronto areas, Chinese interest in Canadian real estate continues to have an impact in both regions. In B.C., where the tax was introduced in August 2016, property transfers involving foreign nationals have been steady increasing during the last year, with much investment coming from China.

Ontarios tax arrived in April 2017. The government says that foreign buyers accounted for 5.6 per cent of transactions in September, down from 7.2 per cent when the tax was introduced. Most analysts believe the trend in the Toronto area will follow what happened in Vancouver and that foreign investment will pick up again.

Oxford Properties, which owns 11 shopping centres in Canada, recently announced that Chinese visitors and recent immigrants can now use their WeChat Pay and Alipay mobile wallets in Oxfords shopping centres, affiliated hotels and travel partners. The apps have more than 1.2 billion active users.

"Our Chinese retail customers have told us that tourists, students and newcomers alike want access to their mobile wallets in-mall," says Brad Jones, head of retail at Oxford Property Group.

So, whats the big attraction thats bringing these Chinese visitors, immigrants and real estate buyers to Canada?

Property portal Juwai.com says education is a major draw. China is the top source of international students who are studying Canada -- there were 132,345 Chinese students enrolled in Canadian schools in 2016.

Juwai teamed with Sothebys International Realty Canada to find out why Chinese home buyers want to come to Canada. Juwai conducted a survey of more than 4,000 Chinese international property buyers in 2017.

It says the cities with the most Chinese buyer interest in the first half of 2017 were Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Victoria. Canada currently ranks fourth in Chinese buyer interest, behind the United States, Australia and Thailand.

"Education has long been a prime motivation for property investors from China to buy homes abroad and Canada is one of their perennial favourites, as its world->The report says Canadas government updated its visa system so that graduates of Canadian universities got extra points when studying for Canadian Permanent Residency. International graduates from B.C. universities who qualify for a post-graduate work permit can be exempt from the foreign buyers tax, says the report.

Tuition rates in Canada are also lower than in other countries. They were 42 per cent cheaper than in the U.S. in 2016, says the report.

The Sothebys/Juwai report cites other reasons why Chinese investment remains strong. First, follow the money.

"In spite of the strengthening of the Canadian dollar, interest from international buyers hasnt waned," says Brad Henderson, president and CEO of Sothebys International Realty Canada. ">Seventy-nine per cent of Chinese home buyers surveyed cited low cost per square foot/value as a key criterion in their purchase.

"When we did this same research a year ago, safety was the top factor. This year, value has knocked safety out of the top spot," says Carrie Law, CEO of Juwai.com. "This may be a result of the stepped-up enforcement of capital controls, which has caused some families to squeeze their budgets to reduce the amount they need for their down payment and ongoing costs."

Safety came in as the second most-important factor -- both as a safe haven for investments and for personal safety.

"China has >Sixty-nine per cent of survey respondents cited "convenient to shopping, entertainment, activities" as a key factor.

The report says the assumption that Chinese buyers are looking only for high-end real estate is incorrect. Most buyers are looking for properties at or below the average sale price of residential properties in the local neighbourhood. Only 17 per cent of survey respondents cited "prestige and exclusivity" as a factor of importance in their house-hunting.

Ranking next was "property rentability" followed by low maintenance cost, proximity to good schools, construction quality, yard/land size, community amenities parks, golf course and ethnicity of the community at 39 per cent.

Ranking at the bottom of the list with fewer than 20 per cent were multigenerational living, character/uniqueness of property, energy efficiency, property customizability and accessibility to friends/family.

The survey also says that Chinese purchasers prefer new construction homes to existing or remodeled homes.
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Purple Power: How To Use Pantones 2018 Color Of The Year

Seeing a whole lot of purple recently? Its not an homage to Prince. Its Pantones Color of the Year for 2018, and its about to be everywhere.

Pantone, the worlds leading color authority, typically sets off trends with its annual color choice. So expect fashion and home deacute;cor to soon be wrapped in PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet, a color choice they call "a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future."

And you just thought it would look pretty in the bedroom.

"Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now," they said. "The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own."

In color theory, purple is recognized for its "mystic and royal qualities," and is a soothing color that inspires creativity and "calms the mind and nerves," said Sensational Color.

That makes it a good choice for just about any space in the house, especially if youre trying to stand out, since "enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance," said Pantone.

As designlike puts it, you can "use the psychological effects of color purple to create a luxurious and expensive environment to your home. "If it has a bluish shade, it can be serene and calm and gives an air of mystery. Reddish shades attract more attention and dominate the room. Purple color has a long reputation of royalty and power."

Architectural Digest called Ultra Violet "a sort of thematic continuation of Greenery, the 2017 selection meant to evoke ideas of revival and renewal," and said that Ultra Violet "symbolizes the sort of mindfulness and boundary-pushing that ultimately propels each of us - and the world at large - forward." They sought to learn more about the inspiration behind the color choice and how to use it at home from Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

It has an ability "to play nice with everything from grays and taupes to pastels and metallics depending on your tolerance for boldness," she said. "In addition to offering tranquil lighting hues, Ultra Violet will also work well alongside other purples within floral pieces, or in decorative dining accents like candles, plates, or glassware."

Here are some ideas to give you purple inspiration.

Go big

Why just stick to one purple hue? This living room will never get boring.


Do it in the bedroom

The same idea works wonderfully in an elegant yet bohemian bedroom. The boldness of purple plays well with neutrals, but look what it does with other bold colors The space is deep, rich, and luxurious, but also maintains a playfulness.


On the other side of the design coin, we have this bedroom, which is enti>



You may not be ready for this level of purple commitment, but wouldnt it be cool if you were?



Purple is a rich choice in the bathroom, providing a chic backdrop for glamorous finishes.


Your walls

Splash it on the walls and let the natural light provide contrast.


Or, pick a great piece of art that brings in the color and keeps your commitment ultra-low.


Dining table

You may not have ever thought about a deep purple dining room table, but you may now. Between the clean lines, the glossy finish, and the gorgeous color, this would certainly amp up your dinner parties.


Starting small

Of course, you dont have to go out and buy one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home to incorporate the color into your space. The saturated purple of the chairs in this space offers the perfect accent to a room that already has a surprising color element: the black wall. All that white in the rest of the space keeps it light and bright despite the dark colors.


"This striking and glamorous piece will look good wherever you place it - whether its at the foot of your bed or in your entryway," said Real Simple. "It doesnt hurt that the velvet material is a trend of the moment, too." Or that it is just 150 at Target.


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The Introverts Guide to Hosting Holiday Get-Togethers

So you somehow got roped into hosting a holiday get-together this year, which means dozens of family members will be descending upon your house, and... this is your basic nightmare. Introverts are so much better at going to other peoples houses for these types of things because you can arrive when you want, leave when you want, and play with the dog instead of trying to participate in awkward conversation, right?

Maybe. But maybe not.

Having people at your house actually gives introverts several distinct advantages over having to go to somebody elses house for the festivities. Here, well help you cope and prepare. And by "you," we mean "us." Introverts, unite

Prepare yourself for a long night or nights, as the case may be

As much as you might like for people to come, eat, and leave, the holidays tend to create a lingering situation. And, lets get real for a second. Youve never really been able to take off when you wanted to you from other peoples houses in years past, anyway. Its always cousin Linda who has one more story or your husbands Great Aunt Gracie who is always insisting you have one more piece of pie. If you can keep reminding yourself you got through it last year and the year before that and on and on, itll be easier to envision getting through it this year, even though the circumstances have changed.

Its okay to say no

Even if you have already said "Yes" to hosting, you dont have to take on the lions share of the hosting duties. The thought of all those before, during, and after tasks can bring on the anxiety.

"Saying yes to everything over the holidays can be overwhelming. A lot of obligations arise at this time of year, but it is okay to say no to some of them if you need time to yourself," said The Alternative Daily. "A study published inProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences2010 found a cor>That may mean asking friends and family attending to help out at home. And if that just raised your blood pressure because asking for help is not in the introvert handbook, you can always ask for help with asking for help. Your spouse, mom or dad, or closest sibling is probably already aware of your introvert-ness. Put one of them in charge of disseminating duties so you can split up the responsibilities.

Or, take on as much as you can

Us introverts like to busy ourselves with tasks so we dont have to interact. You could, conceivably, stay in the kitchen a good 90 of the time people are over. Of course, with todays open kitchens, youll have less privacy than you would have in a more compartmentalized home, but youll still have so much to do you can minimize interruptions and limit conversations that include you.

"If awkward pauses are the thing you dread, youre in luck because as the host you have so many excuses - filling drinks, clearing plates, etc. - to break away from a conversation to attend to things," said Huffington Post. "This is one main reason that hosting a party is better than attending one."

Limit other holiday activities

"The office party. The family party. The friendsmas party. Another family party.So many people. So much energy. Its an extroverts dream," said Verily. "But when it comes to introverts and alittle downtime? Nowthatsa party."

You dont have to attend them all. "During the holidays, youre bound to have more social engagements than usual. Be honest with yourself and know when to say no to an invite," said Pure Wow. "Remember that you dont have to go to everything, and take time to really think about how much you can or want to handle over the next several weeks. We give you full permission to call out sick from that friend-of-a-friends Secret Santa party."

When you do have to put a party on your calendar, bookending it with some "me time" can help you decompress.

Plan lots of activities

If you have lots of kids coming to your get-together, make sure there are crafts and coloring books. Theyll stay busy, and you can join in whenever you want to escape the adults. Some baking activities are also great because it means everybody will have something to do, and you can focus on tasks like completing a puzzle or decorating Christmas cookies.

Escape to a private spot

You may not have a place you can go at your brothers or your aunt Lucys house, but at your place you know exactly where to go if you need a moment to scream into a pillow.

"Dont feel bad if you need to take a small break," said Huffington Post."Take an extra-long trip to the bathroom or escape to your room for a few minutes. Sometimes thats enough to help an introvert get through the rest of the night. No one will notice.

Go to the store

Theres bound to be something you forgot to buy and just cant live without, right? Getting out of the house, even for a few minutes, can refocus your energy and give you the stamina to get through the rest of the night. Even better? Walk there if possible, given your location and the weather. Fresh air is a great equalizer.

Set an alarm

Just cant hear any more of Uncle Larrys angry political rants? That kitchen timer is your best friend. Set it before you sit down, or on the sly on your phone to build in an escape plan.

Seek out the extroverts

"The only thing extroverts love more than talking is a rapt audience," said TODAY. "Ask the center of attention for a piece of advice and watch them go. Hopefully youll be joined by others close enough to overhear and youll be part of a garrulous group."
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Get The Look: Transitional-Style Kitchen

Transitional >The Basics: Mixing Old and New

Fundamentally, transitional >

Often this means taking evocative traditional shapes and applying a contemporary finish to them. For example, take a look at this beautiful bridge faucet. Its a very traditional >

Photo by Titus Built, LLC - More kitchen ideas

Essential: Shaker Cabinets

Perhaps the best example of this balancing of traditional and contemporary elements is the Shaker >These cabinet doors and drawers typically have a flat panel in the middle with a raised flat border at the edges and no "profiling" i.e., no fancy curved molding. This gives a bit more richness than a minimalist flat-front cabinet without feeling fussy.

Photo by Titus Built, LLC - Search kitchen design ideas

Cabinets in this >

Photo by Coastal Cabinet Works - Look for kitchen design inspiration

The Palette: White and Gray with Neutrals

White Shaker cabinets are not seen in every transitional kitchen, but they are certainly a popular pick. This is likely because the freshness of white instantly makes any space feel more spacious.

Again, transitional kitchens are not strictly minimalist either, so the white is usually mixed with grays, woods, enticing metallics and other neutrals and textural elements for a friendly palette.

Photo by SINGLEPOINT DESIGN BUILD INC. - More kitchen photos

Dark and charcoal grays are quite popular as well, either instead of white cabinets or added alongside white for a tuxedo effect. Deep, true-neutral grays feel >For a fun twist, a dark gray chalkboard paint gives a room a sense of levity that keeps the mood from being too somber.

For those who prefer a bit more color, blue and blue-grays make a perfect hue for fixed elements like cabinets or floor tiles. This sort of color makes white porcelain and polished stone appear even more fresh, and it will work with changing accent hues in future years.

Photo by Fireclay Tile - Look for kitchen design inspiration

Essential: Rich Woods

Mixing these broad strokes of crisp paint with wood brings in much needed texture, so its very common to see transitional kitchens with wood floors, wood bar stools and butcher block counters.

Photo by Dan Macdonald/ Craftsman Kitchens - More kitchen photos

Flooring planks in a herringbone layout bring additional richness, playing up the positives of traditional parquet floors in a way that doesnt feel stuck in the past.

Photo by Miralis - Look for kitchen design inspiration

Sometimes the best way to use wood is unexpectedly, like as an accent on a vertical surface like the side panels of a wall cabinet or even on the ceiling. This brings in natural texture in a way that definitely wont leave your space feeling as if its outdated.

Photo by Cloth Stone Designs - Look for home design design inspiration

Essential: Sparkling Stone

For quite a time, dark granite was widely seen as the top choice for countertops. But for a coveted transitional >

Photo by Bailow Architects - More kitchen photos

Essential: Subway Tile

While were talking hard surfaces, heres another key transitional >Slab Backsplashes

That isnt to say that subway tile is the only option, of course. Another very popular choice is to simply continue the counter material up the wall. This leans toward a more contemporary look, turning the counter and backsplash into a singular dramatic statement.

Photo by My Bespoke Room - Discover kitchen design inspiration

Mosaic Backsplashes

If you prefer the look of a mosaic backsplash, consider choosing one in a neutral palette in a rich, >

Photo by Space Harmony - Discover kitchen design inspiration

Essential: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are highly coveted but especially so in transitional kitchens, where they bring a chefs-kitchen appeal and help integrate modern features into a somewhat traditional setting. Plus, adding some strong elements of crisp metal offsets the organic character of wood floors and stone counters. If you dont currently have the budget or the desire to use stainless steel appliances throughout, consider using this finish for just one appliance like the range or through other accents like cabinet hardware.

Photo by Simply Beautiful Eating - Discover kitchen design ideas


Brass has recently been a very popular finish for transitional kitchen accents. It brings some golden glamour and warmth to a space but in a more subdued tone than true gold.

Feel free to mix it in beside stainless steel and other cool silvery metals. It makes for great knobs and pulls, lights or even fixtures.

Photo by Titus Built, LLC - Search kitchen pictures

Essential: Modern Furnishings

If you stick to just traditional trappings, you might end up with a kitchen that slides from transitional to just traditional overall. This is where some great modern furniture pieces come in, such as high-tech extruded dining chairs, midcentury bent metal barstools, cool industrial accent lights or a minimalist dining table.

Photo by Battres Construction - Search kitchen pictures

Splurge: Statement Pendants

Your lighting is a great place to splurge, as it always makes for a natural center of attention. In transitional >

Photo by South Hill Interiors - Search kitchen pictures

Humble schoolhouse, dome or cone shapes are popular, as are glass globes or lantern->You can use the lights as an opportunity to introduce a new accent material or color, such as a hint of red or copper, or match them to another finish in the space. These cone pendants pair nicely with the base of the stools.

Photo by LB Design - Search kitchen design ideas

Finishing Touch: Traditional Rug

As a tailor-made finish to your transitional space, a warm, colorful traditional rug will make sure it doesnt feel too staid, bringing a splash of personality and sense of >

Photo by Zephyr Ventilation - Discover kitchen design inspiration

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What To Expect from Your Solar Energy This Winter

What happens when you >

Preparing for Winter

Winter is known for drastic changes in temperatures above and below freezing. It is important to inspect your panels and roof before winter weather arrives. Hiring a pro is the safest option when it comes to inspecting roof-mounted solar panels according to HomeAdvisor. Making sure your roof is in good shape and that there is no damage to the panels will allow them to reach their highest electrical output in the winter months.

Functionality in Cold amp; Darkness

Many think that overcast, winter days have a negative impact on their solar panel performance. However, cold weather can improve the performance of your panels. Though the hours of sunlight in winter are shorter, the cold weather allows for a higher absorption capacity. Electronics often run more efficiently in cooler temperatures, and as solar panels get warmer they produce less power with the same amount of sunlight. The highly-reflective white snow can also improve the performance of your solar panels.

Snow Accumulation amp; Removal

A dusting of snow will have little impact on power performance because wind will blow it off. If you live in an area that gets more than two inches of accumulating snow at a time, you will need to remove any accumulation to ensure the panels are receiving enough sunlight to generate electricity. Panel efficiency begins to be effected when light cannot penetrate through the snow. Performance is all dependent on how quickly you remove accumulated snow. If light cannot reach your panels for one hour due to snowfall that is one hour missed of electricity generation.

Solar panels are rated with impact and pressure tests so that they can withstand the weight of snow.nbsp; Your contractor will inform you how much your panels can withstand. The safest option is to remove snow as it begins to accumulate.

Because panels are mounted at an angle, snow is likely to slide off eventually. There are tools such as a snow rake specially designed to safely remove snow from solar panels. The average cost for a solar snow removal rake is 40 to 115. Hiring a pro to remove snow from solar panels is always recommended.

Angle Affects Efficiency

The sun is lower in the sky during the winter months. This means that changing the angle can greatly improve the performance of your cells. By adjusting your cells to face south and increasing the tilt of the panels your cells will be able to create more electricity. By changing the tilt of a panel from 0 to 20 or 30 degrees you can increase the output by up to 20. Calling a professional to adjust your panels is the best option. They will be able to calculate the optimal angle required based on the exact location of your home.

Blizzard Conditions

If you are in an area that has a high accumulation of snow you might consider some power storage options. For those in homes that are run completely on solar power,nbsp; ice and fast-falling snow may be difficult to remove in harsh conditions, so a battery is recommended. A battery will store electricity from the cells and use it when the cells have below optimal outputs. Installing a battery can cost about 5,000 to 7,000, and may be a good option for those off-grid.

Effects of Ice and Freezing Rain

Ice and freezing rain are often overlooked. The accumulation of ice on your panels is less likely to cause interference than snow. The fact that ice is more translucent than snow allows your panels to absorb sunlight. This translucence will also make melting time faster so you will not have to scrape anything off of the panels.

This winter may be cold, but your home will be warm with your new or pre-existing solar power system keeping the lights on.

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Drones Make An Impression With A Birds Eye View Of The Neighborhood

Technology is changing the way real estate agents sell their listings; from putting the very first digital pin on a map to detail the exact location of a home, to offering video tours online, technology is continuously advancing and its important that real estate agents are keeping up with the times to bring the very best to their clients.

Today, drone technology is quickly becoming a go-to tool for real estate agents to market their listings, but often the cost is so expensive that entire marketing budgets can be easily blown with just one video.

Realty Times is proud to share that we have partnered with DroneView to offer our real estate agents the very best in drone technology to beautifully market their listings in a cost-effective way that will bring something fresh and exciting to clients while seducing potential buyers, allowing agents to separate themselves from the rest.

While most real estate drone videos focus on featuring the home itself, DroneView sets listings apart by featuring the neighborhood of a home, allowing potential buyers to explore the community of a listing through a crisp and clean high-definition, 360 degree graphic shot 100ft above the home.

An FAA approved drone pilot shoots each DroneView with 100 covered liability. Best of all, the realtor nor the homeowners need be present; because the focus of the DroneView is the listings community and surrounding neighborhood, the pilot can get the shots they need without having to enter the home.

Agents already love this innovative way to feature their listings and are finding that DroneView gives them a competitive edge in the market. "Separating myself from the lsquo;field of agents going after the same listings has become increasingly difficult. It has become very competitive and if you are an agent that is not keeping up with technology, you might as well quit the business," says REALTORreg; Geri DeVille of RE/MAX Top Producers in Brea, California.

"Having a drone video image is a new way of capturing the neighborhood so potential buyers can get a better idea of the type of neighbors they might have. Sellers love showing off what they have to offer and a drone view is another way to do that."

After delighting a previous client with a past DroneView listing, Geri was so pleased with the product that she has already purchased another for her latest listing. "I love the drone viewshellip;When I told my most recent client that I would be ordering a DroneView for their home, they said, lsquo;Oh really? Wow That is pretty cool I think its important to make every client feel special and that you would do everything you could to put their home in the best light and separate them from the field of listings."

Continuing on the importance of showing dedication to clients, Geri adds, "Clients want to see how their home is going to get marketed and know that they will be at the top billing in as many ways as possible. They want as much exposure as possible, and a DroneView is a bonus, especially when they are not expecting ithellip;as drones become more and more popular I visualize this as just another part of doing business and as an expectation."

Exclusive to Realty Times, each DroneView listing will be featured directly on the RealtyTimes.com website through a unique webpage for the lifetime of the listing. Each webpage will include the HD 360 degree DroneView graphic as well as additional HD exterior shots of the home, a map to detail the listing location, agent info, and a link to the listing page. Only DroneView listings will be featured on Realty Times, allowing for optimal reach and link clicks back to your listing.

One DroneView listing is included under the newly revitalized Agent Publicity Package, however DroneView listings can also be purchased separately. DroneView upgrades are also available for those who would like an even more in-depth drone experience for their listing. A great agent-to-agent gift idea, DroneView gift cards are available To learn more, please visit www.RealtyTimes.com/droneoffer or email .

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Innovative Rent-To-Own Program Could Be The Answer To Your Down Payment Dilemma

Strapped for cash and desperate to buy a home? We hear ya. While todays homeownership rate is trending back up after reaching its lowest level since 1965 last year, there are still thousands upon thousands of people who would love to become homeowners but who are stymied by the lack of a down payment.

Yes, loans you can get through the Federal Housing Administration FHA require as little as 3.5 down, and some other loans out there drop that minimum down payment even lower. But rents that just continue to rise across the country can keep cash-strapped folks from being able to get together the savings required to get in the door - literally.

Rent-to-own company Home Partners of America may have an answer. Yes, rent-to-own.

Before you scrunch up your face at the idea of something that sounds too good to be true or something that brings back memories of "old school" arrangements that could prove costly for potential buyers in more ways than one, its important to know that there are some key differences here. What Home Partners is offering is unique, with features that benefit the renter/buyer. Thats not necessarily so with some other rent-to-own options like owner-occupied homes and companies who buy distressed homes through bulk foreclosures with the intent to rent them out and potentially sell them to tenants. Some of these other options have resulted in tenants who are locked into contracts that require them to pay hefty upfront deposits - deposits that could sometimes approach what they would need for a down payment in some areas

"Rent-to-own companies have a poor reputation in the housing industry for taking nonrefundable deposits from tenants who clearly wont ever be able to qualify for a mortgage or afford a home," said Realtor.com. "Home Partners doesnt take a nonrefundable deposit, so if the homes value declines or they decide not to buy for any other reason renters can simply walk away."

The rent-to-own program through Home Partners keys in on desirable locations, making the idea more viable from both a financial and desirability standpoint. Instead of searching for a needle-in-a-haystack home for rent with the option to buy, "Home Partners of America works with prospective homebuyers... to identify and purchase properties that the consumers select, but cant buy themselves," according to Moodys, said HousingWire.

"The prospective homeowner chooses a property that he would like to eventually buy, and if the property fits HPAs criteria and the tenant qualifies, HPA buys the property and the tenant enters into a lease and Right to Purchase Agreement that allows the tenant to buy the property at a pre-determined price during the term of the lease, which is typically between three to five years. The purchase price typically increases by 3.5-5 per year throughout the term of the lease."

Additionally, this mortgage product "applies some of the appreciation in their homes value during the time they have lived there toward reducing the down payment," said Realtor.com. "In areas with even modest home-price appreciation, that could reduce the down payment requirement to almost nothing. If the home fails to appreciate or if the tenant opts not to purchase, they can simply walk away."

The program has been around for five years, and Home Partners has purchased about 8,000 homes in more than 50 cities so far. As rents continue upward, growing the affordability gap for many homebuyers, its not surprising to see this programs popularity growing in lockstep. Loans for the program go through Pennsylvania-based lender New Penn Financial and are backed by mortgage companynbsp;Fannie Mae.

"Not unlike a traditional house hunting process, youll be working alongside a real estate agent to view listings that fit your budget, life>
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Real Estate Disclosure Laws Vary From State To State

Question: I believe my house is haunted. Periodically, a door will slam or windows will mysteriously open when no one else is home. I plan to sell; do I have to disclose? Mary.

Answer: Dear Mary: For purposes of my response, I will accept your statement that your house is haunted. Frankly, I am a skeptic, and do not believe in such ghost stories.

But if thats what you believe, you have to find out whether your state has a law on this topic. To my knowledge, in most of the states you would not have to disclose. In Florida, for example, there is a specific statute that protects home sellers and their real estate agents from liability by not disclosing.

In New York, however, if a home has a reputation of being haunted, it must be disclosed. Apparently, that law came out of a case where the home had significant media coverage about it being haunted.

So, if there has been no media coverage -- or your house does not have the reputation of having ghosts -- depending on your state law, you do not have to disclose.

Your buyers may be upset, but if you dont have to disclose you are legaly protected.

Question: I have a business I run from my home and use part of the recreation room for keeping records and filling orders from customers. Can I claim a home office deduction? Terrance.

Answer: Depends on the facts. The law allows you to claim the deduction if the office space is used "regularly and exclusively" for your business. If there is other use in that room such as watching TV -- you will not qualify. You can, however, isolate a space in that room even though others may be watching the television -- so long as it is "exclusive".

There is a formula the IRS has authorized to simplify how to calculate the deduction and it is explained in IRS publication 587, "Business Use of Your Home". It is available free on line from irs.gov/publications.

Question: I am the Treasurer on my large 100 unit condo association board. Our management company has been managing the complex since the units were built in the late 1980s. The management contract, which took me forever to get a copy of, renews every three years automatically if no changes are made. It is next up for renewal in April of 2019.

As a board, what steps do we need to do to open this up to bid to other property management companies? Obviously we have no experience in this, as weve never changed companies. Is this something the board should do independently of the current management company? Were concerned that if we dont dot every "i" and cross every "t", our current firm will use that as an excuse to void any agreement we might make with a new property management company. Mike.

Answer: Mike, selecting a management company should not be any different than selecting a landscaper, or a contractor for a large job. Typically, the managing company will solicit two or three bids and then make a recommendation for the Board to decide. However, if you pass this task on to your management company, even if they do an honest search, there will always be the perception that they dont want to lose the job.

So, the board should create a three-member management committee -- could be from board members only or other interested owners -- to solicit bids. If you dont have a current list of property managers in your area, contact the Community Association Institute caionline.org for such a listing.

Prepare a letter spelling out who you are, how many units, what you are looking and ask for a bid response. You should list a contact person because most management companies will want to inspect the property first.

Give them a four week deadline. I would also send it to your current manager and ask them to submit their response. Once you get some responses, review them carefully, talk with other associations they manage, and then make your decision.

Caution: do not decide on price along. Remember the old saying: "you only get what you pay for".
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Picture Perfect HOA Reserves

A reserve study identifies a homeowner associations future repairs and replacements like a snapshot in time. Imagine that you could picture the buildings and grounds as they would be in five, ten, even thirty years. A reserve study acts just like that by estimating the useful life of the common elements and the cost to replace them in the future based on current cost adjusted by inflation.

A reserve study uses a component inventory analysis of the HOAs common elements having useful lives of between 2 and 30 years to project scheduling coupled with a funding plan. Those components consist of the obvious, like roofing, painting, paving, fencing and the not-so-obvious like treework, landscape renovation and inspections elevator, fire sprinklers and alarms, tripping hazards.

Even the smallest HOAs have at least 15 items that should be included. Large HOAs can have hundreds. For a list, go to the Reserve Planning section of www.Regenesis.net.

Common elements deteriorate over time and as do the underlying assumptions of the reserve study. Reserve studies can be affected by new labor-saving techniques, building designs and materials that reduce projected costs or extend useful lives. As these changes take place, so should your reserve study.

Annual review and update of the reserve study confirm that the schedule and costs are still accurate. And its not always bad news that affects the review. Age, condition and rate of deterioration can be positively impacted by preventive maintenance implemented by the association which increases useful lives. Changes in area inflation and the actual interest earned from invested reserves need to be revised as well.

The good news is the annual review is a snap compared to the initial reserve study which requires significant field work to compile data.

Now that youre focused on reserves, its time to load the film and start shooting. Snapshot by snapshot, the results will develop picture perfect.

For more innovative homeowner association management strategies, see www.Regenesis.net.
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Five No Regrets Real Estate Buying Strategies To Avoid Missing-Out

In real estate, "the one that got away" stories get told and retold, usually with little satisfaction to the teller.

The real estate you didnt buy, but still wish you had, can weigh heavily on your mind and may even top your "Big Regrets List."

Every piece of real estate, vacant or otherwise, is unique. Once a property is sold, searching for its exact match is fruitless. Compromise becomes key.

Heres Five No-Regrets Buyer Strategies to spare you dreaming about a property you missed out on:

1. View When You Can Buy: Theres a whole group out there who casually visited an open house for a number of reasons but who were not ready to buy. When the property proved to be "it" mdash; their dream home mdash; and they could not buy it, missing out haunted future home searches. View homes when your finances are in place and you can put in an offer, just in case the open house you visit is the "one."

2. Buy Before The Market Turns: When real estate prices are down or stalled, jump in. Your purchasing power goes further. Those who wait to see whether the market will come back or that a neighborhood will catch on can find themselves squeezed out of properties they could have afforded during the slump. Real estate professionals have been tracking prices and value longer than you have, so talk to them about where opportunity lies for you now.

3. Buy The Abutting Condo Unit: If noise is an issue, buying the unit over yours can mean quieter living while expanding your home into a two-level delight. If youd like to widen your terrace and add interior space in the process, consider purchasing an abutting unit. Before you select a condominium complex, check out rules on combining units to be sure you know your options. Contractors can tell you which approach makes sense and project costs. Keep an eye on what happens around you.

4. Buy The Abutting Property: Keep in touch with the neighbors whose properties surround yours, so you act quickly when someone decides to sell. Protect your view by buying the vacant lot across the street; protect the mature trees edging your property by buying that land; protect your mutual driveway or other access by purchasing that abutting property; protect your solar rights before a new owner builds a sunshine-blocking monster home. Anticipation is a key talent in real estate ownership. Its not only whats happening now that should occupy owners thoughts, but what could happen next to upset their current use and peace of mind.

5. Investigate That Amazing Property: Do you have a special lot or recreational property that you have always admired? Is there a house or condominium unit that you feel would suit you and your family beautifully? If the property you love is suddenly listed, act just as quickly to get your real estate professional working for you. You may have even put this expert on notice in case that property comes on the market. If you have your eye on a property thats not listed, tell your real estate professional and theyll approach the owner and get the ball rolling for you. Sometimes, this proactive approach nets buyers a dream home without having to search the market.

The ultimate strategy to ensure you get the real estate you want is to put in an offer

Thats the crucial task that real estate professionals take responsibility for by asking a buyer to put in an offer when they show interest in a property.

If you dont make it to the offer stage, that real estate may be a property that was never within your grasp in the first place.
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Ethics In The Real Estate Business

Its no secret that real estate salespeople do not, by and large, enjoy a very good reputation. Indeed, the true professionals in the business are discomforted by the fact that opinion polls regularly show that the public ranks real estate sales pretty low on the list of occupations whose practitioners are to be admired.

More particularly there are common perceptions that, in the course of their business, many real estate people cannot be depended on to tell the truth, and that they do not hesitate to manipulate others for their own self interest.

Yet the National Association of REALTORSreg; NAR, and its state and local affiliated organizations, persistently claim that accountability to a Code of Ethics is a central and predominant fact of membership.

Whats wrong with this picture?

One wrong answer should be laid to rest immediately. It is not the case that the unethical real estate people are predominantly those licensees who dont belong to NAR, whereas those who are members can almost always be depended upon to be pure and good.

Anyone who has been around the Realtorreg; associations for a while is aware of the fact that it is a perennial complaint from within the organization that ethical standards are not sufficiently adhered to, and that "something ought to be donehellip;"

Nor is the point that the Code of Ethics itself needs fixing. The REALTORSreg; Code of Ethics along with its supplementary Standards of Practice is both comprehensive and >

The Realtorreg; organization has a >

One possible answer is ignorance. Perhaps there is insufficient knowledge among real estate salespeople as to what they should and should not do. In certain cases there is some plausibility to this. Certainly, there are, so to speak, finer points of some ethical matters where one just doesnt know what the right course of action might be. But, clearly, this does not apply to the vast majority of cases where right or wrong may be determined by central and well-known principles.

More plausible is the claim that the disparity between behavior and the Code of Ethics is a result of the fact that the Code is not sufficiently enforced. No doubt there is some truth to this. Realtorreg; organizations do not have an ethics police. Although there is a fairly elaborate quasi-judicial system for dealing with violations of the Code of Ethics, that whole system only comes into play when complaints are filed. And, frankly, the filing and pursuit of an ethics complaint is a time-consuming and not particularly pleasant process for the person who has been wronged. Most people would prefer simply to move on.

For reasons of cumbersome process alone, it is unlikely that enforcement at the organization level will ever have much influence on the inclination of practitioners to adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Moreover, if one thinks about it, the point of enforcement in ethics is not to get people to behave in a certain way because they fear punishment. Think of training a child. The point is to demonstrate that the principles are taken seriously; and the aim is that the learner will internalize the values

The ethical behavior of real estate salespeople will improve only when salespeople are shown that their peers, and most importantly, their trainers and employers, take ethical principles seriously. That kind of demonstration cannot be done by the Realtorreg; association. It can only occur at the level of individual companies and offices.

Bob Hunt is a director of the California Association of Realtorsreg;. He is the author of Real Estate the Ethical Way. His email address is .

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