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Get Rid Of Pain With Heel Pain Treatment Singapore

At some point in time, everyone suffers from the intense and unbearable heel pain regardless of whether it is due to an injury or standing all-day. It usually lasts a day or two, but in some cases, it never goes. Especially in old-age, 10% of the world population is suffering from heel pain, and the others have used some form of treatment to get rid of; the most popular of these treatments is heel pain treatment singapore. Let’s talk about the causes of heel pain.

Causes of heel pain:

  • Abnormal walking style- Also referred to as gait, in this condition, a person tends to roll their feet inwards while walking.
  • Obesity- About 30% of the world population is obese, but this has often caused heel pain as the excess weight puts pressure on the muscles and bones of the body.
  • Shoes- More people than we realize are wearing the wrong size or fitting of shoes; this often causes blisters and pain in the foot. But, continuous usage of such shoes can cause heel pain as well.
  • Hard surfaces- Walking, running, jumping, and other activities performed on heels on such hard surfaces stresses the muscles of the heels causing it to ache.

Shoes for heel pain

  • Injury- Stress fractures commonly put pressure on the heel support causing it to throb. Fractures at the knee or surrounding areas cause significant stress at the heel inducing it to pain.
  • Bursitis- Small sacs of lubricating fluid running through the body are called bursae. When these sacs swell, they cause intense pain. It is a primarily common phenomenon at the heels as they support the body weight.
  • Neuroma- Nerves run all over our body, but the nerves at the heels often swell and enlarge in size. The enlargement of the nerves can cause an unbearable pain at the heels or sometimes throughout the foot as well.
  • Diabetes- Those diagnosed with diabetes know that it can often cause pain in several parts of the body, out of which heels are the most common area.
  • Arthritis- This is primarily known to cause pain over all the joints and muscles. Particularly in the most used muscles and heels are one of them, the pain spreads over the entire foot, including ankles and the finger joints.

How to treat heel pain:

  • Massage- The most common home remedy of any pain is to massage the affected area. If the discomfort gets caused due to muscle tension, a massage can help reduce the stress and ease the throbbing.
  • Heel pain treatment- As already mentioned, the best cure is heel pain treatment singapore. They use advanced technologies to ease the pain without any major surgery.

Heel pain that gets treated at early stages can get cured without any drastic treatments. It is essential to tend to the discomfort and understand the root cause of it before any treatment gets done.

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