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Some of the common aches which humans face are headache, feet ache etc. And most of them consider it to be a common pain and never take it serious. Actually there are many different types of treatment for each ache, if you are suffering from feet ache regularly than a shoe insert can help you to get relief. It is very trouble-free and easy process. Orthotics is one of the types of shoe insert, if you are looking for such solution than you can reach out to orthotics san antonio. Let us know in details about orthotics.

  • Orthotics is the special made shoe insert which are only made on the doctor prescription. Generally the doctor prescribe these types of products when a patient is suffering from either foot, leg or back aches.
  • Most of the people does not take these aches serious and do not consult doctor, but it is always better to consult doctor and take appropriate treatment instead of suffering from pain regularly. Some of the pains might link to some serious conditions which if not treated on time may make you unable to walk for life time.
  • The doctor prescribe orthotics to reach different goals few among them is to support the ankle, improve the functioning of foot and ankle, to help to avoid the further risk on any injury and etc. The doctors recommend this treatment only after following the basic treatment that is regular exercise and other treatment.

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  • When a person goes to the doctor with the complaint of feet or ankle pain, the doctor first ask them few question like from when they are suffering with the pain, what action make the pain more worst and by what action the pain subsidies. After getting the required information the doctor might also do some physical examination like they may ask you to walk and do some type of exercise to better understand where exactly the problem is and by doing this the doctor can also understand how your feet and ankle is positioned.
  • Even after following the above steps if the doctor is not satisfied or unable to get to the root cause of the pain than they advice for X-ray, scan or MRI. These results will help the doctor to find out the injury or the damage caused at the feet or ankle.
  • Once the doctor feels that the patient needs Orthotics to improve his condition, then based on the requirement the shoe or heel insert is made and used. Once the patient wares the orthotics than they are supposed to have a regular follow up with the doctor to check if it is working properly to treat there problem.


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