Helpful Tips For Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana

The use of medical marijuana is impressively growing through the years and the number of individuals who are growing their own garden of cannabis is also increasing. This is the reason why there are plenty of sources of cannabis seeds that are surely high quality. One of these names that you can trust is Pacific NW Roots. They have been the most important player in the Washington State medical cannabis conversation.

One of the latest and the most popular products from the gardens of Pacific NW Roots is their Fire Alien flower rosin which is a guaranteed high-quality run-in with cannabis. They feature an extensive line of cannabis concentrates. This includes another flower rosin called Tres Stardawg. Another of the ‘must-try’ flowers from the Pacific NW Roots is Kaya’s Koffee, a legendary lady on the medical cannabis scene.

Why Grow Your Own Cannabis?

As long as medical marijuana is legal in your state, you can surely grow cannabis in your own garden! Growing cannabis has been made legal in a number of states, including Washington DC as of 2017. As long as you are able to meet the requirements for you to cultivate within these states, you are surely free to grow your own. There are states that would allow you to cultivate between 4 to 6 plants but there are other states that allow larger plant counts.

  • Full Control. If you are growing your cannabis at home, you are the master cultivator! This gives you the complete control of every aspect of the cultivation process. One of the most rewarding aspects of growing them at home is the fact that you are able to develop a system that would work for you whether you are cultivating organically, hydroponically, or may in soil containers or raised beds.
  • New Hobby. Many cannabis cultivators have realized that growing their own cannabis at home becomes a very good hobby. Who knows, your green thumb may also flourish once you get the hand of growing your own cannabis garden!


  • Big Savings Over Time! You might not notice this benefit at first but after a few years of cultivating your own cannabis, you will realize that you are actually saving money over time. One of the worries of new cultivators is that their equity in growing won’t pay for itself. Fortunately, growing cannabis is not only for those that can afford. In fact, you can start with any budget that works for you.
  • Growing Is Easy To Learn. With the help of the internet these days, learning how to grow cannabis has never been this easy! There are now cultivation resources that are ready for you to use. Aside from the web, there are now books, magazines, and in-person growing communities where you can learn how to grow your own cannabis at home.

Gone are the days when you have to search threads online for cannabis growing tips. It is also very easy now to get access to high-quality seeds that you can try at home. Like other cannabis growers, Pacific NW Roots should also be your top choice when looking for medical marijuana strains.

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