The best energy supplements such as nootropics for famous people

Nootropics are the so-called “smart drugs” (but basically complement the form) that contribute to cognitive improvement. According to their creators, they can help improve focus, sharpen and sharpen the mind, improve mood, increase learning capacity and protect nerve cells from damage.

The best energy supplements are aimed not only at a dedicated or loyal employee, but also at competitive athletes and even players who need all the skills they can get. But did you know that they are also popular among celebrities and famous personalities?

Let us briefly consider who has already chosen the nootropic path to achieve the desired energy and mental abilities.

The Huffington Post asked: Are these smart drugs the secret of the world’s most important technology billionaires? According to the report, the survey showed that up to 11 percent of students in the United States regularly use nootropics. But keep in mind: some of the main Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are an interesting user group.

“[He] says he regularly fought with mental fog, but this problem was solved after he started using nootropics,” HuffPost wrote about an entrepreneur who believes these supplements allowed him to “hack his own biology.” To achieve wellness.

Buying Nootropics Online

It is said that Tim Ferriss, an entrepreneurial investor, is experimenting with several nootropic batteries, while Sir Richard Branson, of the Virgin Group himself, participated in the 2011 marketing campaign for the Boundless movie. Of course, this does not reach a conclusion about whether he uses smart drugs or not, but in combination with his recent statement against the war on drugs in the United States, you can easily see how Branson maintains a liberal position regarding drug use.

Jesper Noer, 30-year-old startup technology director in San Francisco, also tells The Guardian about the nutritional supplements and research chemicals he consumes scrupulously to get the advantage he needs at work, and without the side effects. It is no longer surprising that he accepts nootropics, along with many other technologies in the prosperous world, that seek this explosion of minds and energy to continue realizing their innovative ideas and change the world.

Quora offers its share of answers about who in the world of celebrities uses nootropics. Joe Rogan, a UFC commentator, a regular comedian and host of Fear Factor, is considered an open advocate of nootropics, with the exception of his approval of an agreement with a specific product when you can visit site.

And look no further:

President Barack Obama himself is living proof of nootropic use. Take a waking medication to treat a variety of conditions, including shift sleep disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness.

In summary

Carefully investigate the best nootropics that the market has to offer. The terminology may change from time to time, but it has no advantages: a high-quality nootropic battery can work wonders with your energy and mental abilities, an invariably popular and winning combination for everyone.

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