Weight loss

Surgeries for weight loss

Gastric balloonis one among the very popular weight loss surgeries performed in Latvia and Riga for Norwegians. In this method weight loss is achieved without requiring any surgical modifications in the digestive tract.

How it works?

This type of fedmeoperasjon is in use from many years in every corner of the world. The concept behind this gastric balloon is very simple. This works by reducing the available space in stomach. This leads to less intake of food by patients hence leads to weight loss.

How it is done?

One must understand that this feature achieved from gastric balloon is not permanent for patients. But it is done with an aim to reduce his weight till the time he develops healthy food habits. Once the patient sticks to healthy eating, the balloon will be removed.

That is why before going for this; one must completely understand what this gastric balloon procedure is. After this patient should decide is this procedure right for them?. During the gastric balloon procedure initially the patient will be completely sedated. But for many people this looks unusual since this will be a nonsurgical procedure. But sedation is necessary just to control the movements of the patient.

In this type it is very important to ensure that the device is properly positioned and inserted. General anesthesia helps to perform this job. Before undergoing this slankeoprasjon it is very important to make sure that patient is not suffering from gastritis, ulcers, hiatal hernia which is significant, esophagitis. In these cases the gastric balloon procedure may be inadvisable. In this case they will choose upper endoscopy.

In this gastric balloon procedure, a deflated balloon will be inserted into the stomach through mouth. Surgeon will make use of endoscope, for guidance when inserting the balloon for right place in the stomach.  There will be an insertion catheter using which surgeon pushes the balloon. The insertion catheter is connected to guide wire which will be inside the deflated balloon.  The balloon should be in right place which is beyond gasto-escophageal junction. After making sure this, surgeon will remove the guide wire. For majority of the patients this slankeoprasjon is comfortable and preferred.

Once the guide wire is removed, balloon will be filled with saline solution. In majority of the cases they fill 700 mL or 500 mL. This will be inserted either through endoscopic pump or by a special syringe. This complete procedure will be under the supervision of a surgeon who uses video image through endoscope.

Once the surgeon thinks that balloon is properly is placed and filling is done, endoscope is removed. Usually for one year this balloon is left in place. Later patients are called back for the removal procedure. Even the removal of balloon is very straightforward procedure.

Even though there will be risks associated with every medical procedure, but there is high degree of success for this gastric balloon procedure. Serious complications are very rare in this type. Patients can return to home on the same day of the procedure and no need to stay overnight.

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