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An Effective Erectile Function Method

Erectile dysfunction is not only a threat to your personal life but more importantly, to your manliness. It leads to all sorts of uncomfortable circumstances including premature ejaculation (PE). Try ProSolution Plus or other similar productsas a proposed solution.A PE happens when a man climaxes before he wants to. This can make the person insecure and his partner unfulfilled. It certainly cuts out the fun and excitement of sexual activity.

What the Stats Say

Premature Ejaculation occurs in 1 out of 3 men, which is quite a surprising number. Psychological factors can affect a man’s ability to ejaculate primarily the issues of guilt, stress, repression, being distracted, lack of confidence in self and in the relationship and temporary depression. Having mentioned these, there are times when lack of function occurs due an undetected penile abnormality.

ProSolution Plus is a natural supplement guaranteed to improve erectile quality, sexual function and overall satisfaction with just an ingestion of the pill once daily. The medicine has clinically proven results that shows majority of patients improving after immediate use of the product. Ingredients include asphaltum, tribulus terrestris and withania somnifera – in all of these, each has a component that increases intracavernous pressure and blood flow for a firmer penile tip.

Correlation with Relationships

A frequency of PE in dysfunctional or unhappy relationships has yet to be majorly studied or documented. However, the tensions and intense emotional risk of investing in these human interactions can cause people—particularly men—to react differently hence the cases of premature ejaculation. Most men do not intend this to happen and are surprised when it does. With ProSolution Plus, those moments are hope to be eliminated.

As for aging, the good news is that it can happen at any age. Men are individuals who are created anatomically differently depending on their genes and unique features. Erection characteristics vary and sometimes these positions last even shorter before the need to ejaculate so PE happens. It also figures that there is a connection between Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation since both are triggered by the same emotions mentioned above and therefore sexual performance is affected—not simply pleasure but being capable of doing the act itself. The most common cause of PE is studied to be the high amounts of serotonin that travel to the brain. The amino acid is said to inhibit the brain when it comes to sexual needs. Serotonin have links to depression and anti-depressants so experiencing the former and taking a more than average dose of the latter can lead to similar erectile side effects.

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