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The Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary

With the recent increase in the number of dispensaries offering medical marijuana (California, Sacramento may have as many as 80 dispensaries, and in other areas there may be more), interest in using medical marijuana as a dietary supplement has also increased.

Two substances (cannabinoids) in marijuana may still be on the list of known health supplements. In 1998, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) were discovered to have antioxidant effects, preventing free radicals from damaging cells.

The antioxidant industry, or rather the multi-billion dollar multivitamin industry, regularly produces a variety of products that contain every conceivable combination of vitamins to support the health of the body and the beauty of the skin. First, the vitamins in these products include vitamins C and E-THC, and CBD was found to be a more effective antioxidant than them.

The study findings are impressive. Marijuana extracts can treat or prevent damage caused by strokes, brain wasting diseases like Alzheimer’s, and heart attacks.

Since then, chemists have created synthetic chemicals with properties similar to THC (a chemical high in marijuana) and CBD (not high).

An example of a synthetic similar to THC is cannabicyclohexanol, which is found in marijuana, such as the herbal products K2 and Spice. A synthetic substance like CBD is dexanabinol.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

When billions of dollars can be found, hope the government is not left behind. In fact, in 2003, the United States government had filed and received US Patent 6,630,507 for the synthesis of marijuana-like substances for use as antioxidants and brain protective agents.

The illegal status of marijuana may be behind this. This means that the government (and private companies) is interested in preserving the illegality of marijuana extracts so that they can continue to manufacture synthetic analogues.

Since the United States is schizophrenic with marijuana (THC is legal in some states but still illegal at the federal level), don’t expect federal legalization of marijuana nationwide anytime soon. Instead, what may happen (although unlikely) is that we may one day find supplements containing CBD in pharmacies, while extracts rich in THC can be found in legal medical weed dispensary to help the terminally ill and debilitated. .

There is strong evidence that substances such as THC / CBD, produced in the body, play an important role in almost all the important functions of life. The fact that they act as effective cell protectors partly explains this.

But can we ask ourselves, if cannabinoids are so beneficial, why do marijuana smokers look bad? Part of the answer may be related to marijuana smoking and associated unhealthy and unhealthy food and alcohol habits. Furthermore, cannabinoids are effective as antioxidants. Since smoking is an oxidative process, it works against the health benefits that antioxidants are supposed to provide. The lesson is that smoking, be it tobacco or hemp, is harmful.

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