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Essential factors you need to know about Leptin

Obese and fat people are people who have fats accumulation in their cells. The amount of leptin hormone produced usually depend on the size of the fat cells, and that’s why most people who suffer from obesity contain a higher level of leptin hormone. There are much you can learn about leptin hormone, go here on the website and discover more effects on obesity.  Below are some causes of obesity:


When the brain is unable to get an appropriate signal from leptin hormone, it may look like the body suffers from hunger, and it will signal the brain to take more food to curb the starvation. As a result, the body will start increasing in weight which will result in obesity.

Spending lesser energy

Once the brain thinks that the body is starving for food, it will signal the entire body to use more power, and gradually, the fat will start accumulating in the body that will cause obesity. Also, if the body burns lesser calorie than how it supposed to, it will cause obesity as well.

Weight increase

If you are eating a lot without exercising, it may as well result in obesity. You should know that the primary cause of obesity is leptin resistance. It is an issue that is widely known as hormonal body defect.

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Cause of Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance is commonly known as the common problem that results in sending the wrong signal to the brain, which makes it give untrue information to the body. Since it is a fault, then it must come with a reason behind it. Leptin resistance has some potential mechanism behind it. Below are some of the mechanisms behind leptin resistance:

High leptin hormone level

High level of leptin is a prominent cause of leptin resistance. Increased leptin level is a bad sign since it makes the leptin hormone to send wrong information to the hypothalamus that will eventually cause leptin resistance.

High level of fatty acids

If the body comprises a lot of fatty acids in the bloodstream, it may as well cause leptin resistance because it will increase the metabolites fat in the brain. When the fat metabolites are increased in mind, It will be unable to receive the right signal from leptin hormone.


If the brain hypothalamus has an inflammatory message, it may as well cause leptin resistance. Leptin resistance problem is a common problem that happens both in humans and animals. But it is usually detected easily in humans than in animals.

Impacts of leptin hormone on dieting

Most people think that if they start proper dieting, they can curb the obesity problem, not knowing they already have leptin resistance issue that can never be solved by appropriate dieting. Everyone should know that proper dieting can never control obesity. Leptin and leptin resistance is a problem that can be controlled by continuous workout and choosing the types of food to take.

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